2016-2019 Iwate Prefecture

Theresa discusses the Bible passage with the ladies.

Our third term in Japan is in the same location as before, a small town on the coast of the northeastern part of Honshu called Kamaishi. Coming back after our time in the States to friends, English classes, our apartment, etc., it felt like we were coming back home. It has been a blessing to pick up where we left off with relationships and activities, a marked difference from the start of our second term when we came to Kamaishi for the first time.

Our goals this term are much the same as before: to intentionally share the love of Christ through relationship-building activities in the community. In addition to our English classes, the Boy Scouts, and other community activities, we have begun a bi-weekly Bible study with a small group of ladies. This is an exciting step for us to share the truths of God’s Word with those eager to learn.

We will continue ministering in Kamaishi for 3 years, until the summer of 2019 when we plan to return to the US for another home assignment.